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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Lets Pile On Failure After Failure.

Obummer, Leader Of A Failing West.

Economic warfare, introduced by the gangsters of the corporate, global western ambitions and their banker cohorts, has inevitably morphed into war of the even more unpleasant nature. Let me posit my thinking.

I always believed the horror of 9/11 was more than an act of violent brutality. It's principle aim, in my view, was always to destabilise the West's economies. In this it may be argued it was 100% successful. 

In contrast the EUSSR, CIA backed attempt to do the same to Russia via Kiev has proved lame and stupid. Not least after the squandered wealth poured into Iraq and Afghanistan to support an already destitute capitalist system. One too big, unwieldy and unfair to most people.

An amusing, if it were not so damaging, issue arises with Hong Kong. The manufactured antipathy to Putin and Russia pales grossly when we observe the paucity of criticism against China. In this all our children, that make up the infantile gangs in the West, totally miss the manner in which their playground is shrinking as the more adult players in China and Russia seek alliances likely to be more successful than the infants across the way.

The West's coffers are depleting at a rapid rate as terrorists, many now populating the USA and Europe, blithely allowed to infiltrate without even Trojan horses needed to disguise their vicious intent. Still the ludicrous and out of control political buffoons allow this idiocy to go unchecked. 

Whilst the West replays the failed air war against Vietnam style, elusive ground troops/insurgents, their economies begin to show their ragged skirts and the foolish and poor leadership keeps writing blank cheques, even as the ability to honour them decays.

Of all those debts still to be paid in full, one of the worst was and remains the breathtaking billions and billions meant to build an invincible Iraqi armed services. Instead much of that wealth has been diverted down the path of corruption and those forces barely adequate to clean latrines. You can bet that knowledge was well known when ISIS decided most of that Nation's oil riches were ripe for picking.

As and when any ground troops are deployed their fighting will be compromised by the quality of armaments the ISIS forces have easily acquired from abandoned stores and arsenals in Iraq, so readily furnished by the West. A scenario that was on the cards a decade since. 

The only hope for the West is that the very people they treat so flippantly, China and Russia might have better ideas on how to reset our global mess. Problem there is our Common Purpose, champagne socialists, running the corporate scams, together with their crooked bankers, gangsters and billionaires, might need to pay some of their ill gotten wealth back to the likes of you and me. Can't have that happen can they?

Can we really blame Chinese draconian dictatorship any more than Russia's newly returned embrace of Christianity? Either way, the West is getting no more than deserved. Not least for all those voters who have repeatedly placed pretend socialists in power. Watch and weep with the odd smile that we really are all in this mess together!

As for humour, note the rather weird daily reports of  multi million pound fighter jets, obsolete but still expensive and its hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of bombs hailed for knocking out, guess what, a pick up truck! A modern enactment of a hammer to crack a nut!


  1. Thanks Rightie for yet another spot on post.

    About the only minor silver lining on the thick black clouds is indeed the thought that THEY, those hand wringing perverted socialistic bastards, who have allowed all this to happen, are stuck with the results of it just like we are.

    Their children and their own children in time will eventually reap the benefits, just like ours.

    I don't provide any wher near enough comments on your excellent articles, but i always read them.




  2. Judd, it's your support and others which keep me going. I am humbled and most grateful.