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Sunday, 26 October 2014

It's All Falling Apart.

We Really Are Gathering Pace To Total Despair.

Call me Lot! I am moved by this condemnation of the Irish solution and see it as a perfect illustration of the depravity within our governing Establishment. Not only that but also how this dancing with the devil is now a broad activity, spread throughout the bureaucracy of evil that is the EUSSR. It is however the Establishment that has infected the very soul of this Country, not the people themselves. Even so, it is everyone who will be consumed in the aftermath of the Sodomisation of our entire human kind.

As for the incompetent inadequacy of those so busy shafting each and everyone look no further than Afghanistan for an example of how terrible and pathetic the wagers of this ghastly expedition have behaved. Fallon made an appearance on the Marred programme. With a pompous ability to parrot the official line, Fallon was as brilliant as he was awful. Yet another pompous arse unable to tell one word of truth or relate publicly how badly we have been duped.

Fallon followed Damien Green. Two men little different to Labours' offerings, all of them with their puppet strings fully visible. Green spouting the mantra of how perfect our mass immigration merges into our crowded, terrorised Islands, now awash with imported scroungers, cheap labour, benefit and NHS teat suckers. Our hospitals now resemble war zone casualty clearing stations, overwhelmed and unable to ship casualties on elsewhere fast enough. If you don't have someone close to you don't get sick, suckers.

On top of all of these issues, we have this muted handover ceremony of Camp Bastion today. Fallon telling us the Afghan Army is utterly superior to that multi billion failure that is the Iraqi Army. This departure, tails between our legs, the moral high ground surrendered, as it was to the butchers of the IRA, has delivered a ready made military base to whom? Here's an indication of the beneficiaries.

How our Establishment will hide the following scenario from us all is going to be interesting spin. Spin which is already as devalued a currency as truth and reality. Bastion will be under Taliban control before Christmas. The Al Qaeda training centres we were told were the reason for billions of dollars and pounds, untold thousands of lives and the impoverishment of Western peoples, not their politicians and arms dealer gangster mates, will move into ready made billets, firing ranges and huge caches of useful inventory.

The ISIS pilot training courses will have a perfect and welcoming base to pursue their lethal flight training and base squadrons of captured Iraqi, or even supplied by sympathetic regimes, aircraft.  Once more the Taliban will forge powerful alliances, now bolstered by oil revenues from Iraq. Slowly but surely the fall out from our ridiculous, posturing and grotesque Establishment, will morph into a capability by our enemies to  do what we were told Saddam could do. WMD and nuclear fall out obliterating our streets. You know, the ones we are told are being kept safe.

Indeed the softening up by huge volumes of heroin flooding those very streets and providing a source of wealth and weaponry for our enemies superiority is underway. A win win for those with a tactical ability based on the same brutality and fear employed by McGuiness, Adams and the IRA success. So much for not negotiating with terrorists.

What a shambolic mess. Since 9/11, sadly a tactical triumph wrecking the West's economic structures and depriving us of the money to prosecute genuine defense, our erstwhile leaders have not put a foot right. Every trap laid has been embraced and entered by the clowns. Military as well as political. We are now to witness the end game. The outcome likely to be many cities turned to stone as we are overrun from within and without. Don't bank on the EU or US to be much help. More part of the problems we face, than any solution.

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