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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Do We Have An Intelligence Service?

If So, Not Very Good.

Once more it would appear the mobile nature of ISIS tactics are confusing Western and other forces, supposedly tasked with neutralising the  enemy threat. One phrase, from our pathetic and very lack lustre leaders, which still resounds with OR is "keeping our streets safe".

With the enemy now straddling the southern doorstep of Europe, the efforts, to date, to contain them and aid the Kurds looks grossly inadequate. We also still wait in vain for what happened to the billions supplied to create a super power army of Iraqi forces. So far it would seem those troops killed more American soldiers than any other.

The cynic in me leans towards those billions having ended up all over the place except where they were supposed to have been spent. Money much better employed securing Western borders, I would have thought. Furthermore the genuflection to Turkey has failed dismally to attract support against IS.

Is this because the Turkish Establishment lean towards Saddam's old tribesman and their joint antipathy to the Kurds makes them happy to turn Kobane into little more than some form of tragic entertainment? I doubt we shall ever know. It would also seem that the paucity of our intelligence and or ability to use what we have, leaves us utterly ill equipped against a barbaric cunning, now just down the road from our tourist beaches.

Keeping our streets safe looks even more ridiculous when armies are now gathering down the road. Add to that the running down of our own forces and over and over again we see blatant examples of the decline of all we once took for granted. That our governance would at least protect us from the tribal forces gathered in far off places and threatening our very existence, because our "leaders" were too busy feathering their own dirty nests at our expense. Still given Tony Bliar had a hand in this mess, why should we be surprised?

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