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Monday, 6 October 2014


Was There Ever Such A Chancer.

Isn't it fascinating how left wing idealists talk of fairness. There own tax funded wealth always a shield to protect their unfair, constant obsession with anyone who, over their own lives, has made a success of their careers, savings and families. The mysterious middle class who, as far as British politicians are concerned, are an anathema.

I guess, in their self absorbed, nasty and vindictive lust for power, hugely apparent in Clegg's character, or lack thereof, it is all about a numbers game. There seemingly being far more millions, many imported, from the deprived and lower socio-economic orders than any other group, so more votes to be had.

That more people who vote have a brain cell than those who do not bother with their responsibility to do anything requiring effort, seems to escape the left. Albeit they are adept at nefarious ways to harvest such votes via cultural misogyny, so probably don't really care how power is achieved.

Anyway back to Clegg. Along with Wallace and The Boy Dave, the upcoming election will be fought with promises and manifestos as valuable as their own ability to live their personal lives without hypocrisy or delusion. How these idiots can posture how they will overnight transform the NHS, jobs, the economy and give all but those who have earnt a good life, a Utopian existence, is beyond me. 

As I write, Cable is slagging off his coalition partners with lies and vicious, typical leftie nastiness. Claiming his Partners in power are somehow bigger, more deceitful and underhand people than his, Cable's, closet socialist deep seated beliefs. 

All I see in Westminster is a cabal of spoilt, privileged kids squabbling over the few morsels of status and power thrown them from Brussels. Clegg shoulders above the rest when the ugly face of desperate power seeking is exposed. 

Let us hope Clegg's barely concealed, sneering dislike of we "little Englanders" rebounds on him. If the weekend's polls stay with the Tories and Clegg's deep seated conviction he will once again be the broker for the next Government is thwarted, how good would that be? Even better were UKIP and Nige be the ones doing the rounds and courted by the other too long holding sway.

Furthermore, were these prayers to come true, that would also be a nail in the smug atheist's mug. One, like so many who would rule over the rest, more than deserved.

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  1. I hope with all my heart that enough people have woken from their stupor and vote UKIP into the balance of power position.

    I fear however that even if the will of the people is shown to favour UKIP and Common Sense, that the lib and con parties will come to some agreement between themselves, leaving UKIP as a very minority opposition.

    Let me quickly expand before you write me off as barmy, you could well be right mind.

    There's nothing between the conlab parties, get either one you get another 5 years of blairs legacy, another 5 years of unlimited immigration, another 5 years of financial lab they spend even more, vote con they'll just add another few dozen Billion to the national debt whilst keeping interest rates artificially low to prop up their housing bubble, does it really matter a toss which of the two get in..NO it doesn't.

    I have a sneaky feeling they have plans should the electorate do the unthinkable and actually vote for change, and i wouldn't put anything past the swine.

    They would do anything to keep their european dream alive.

    I hope i'm so wrong on this.