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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Can The West Make Even Bigger And More Stupid Mistakes.

Shambolic And Dishonest.

A NATO army, said to be the fourth largest land force in the whole world, looks on as ISIS pound their Kurdish neighbours spitting distance from the border. What a shameful display of the underlying, covert agreements, within NATO, to destroy any Kurdish desire for expansionist autonomy.

Since the Kurds are also de facto anti-Assad and Iraq in their passion for self rule, the West looks on happy to allow Assad's enemies annihilated to cosy up to the Turks. A vicious circle of weak, ignorant diplomacy and pathetic lack of incisive military force.

I suggest that the Turks are happy to deal with any side prepared to save Turkish need to carry out genocidal, Tibetan style action against the Kurds. So ISIS get to continue their reign of barbaric terror so long as the Turks are permitted to look better than is reality they deserve. 

War, terror, painful death or subjugation, via PR and fear, is the legacy of the West's failed efforts to control Middle Eastern oil. Obummer, Bliar, Camoron and the EUSSR cabal all are as pathetic as it can possibly get. Our only hope for any kind of settlement is Russia allied with China. Problem there is they aren't signed up to Common Purpose. Bet ISIS won't mess with those two super powers and the only way Assad, one must hope, can remain in power. As Saddam should have done. Better the devil we know missing from our puerile leaders' tiny minds, is it not?

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  1. You only have to look at Ebola to see just how stupid we can be.

    I read a report today that ISIS are considering deliberately infecting people and sending them to the west to spread it. Not so unbelievable when you look at suicide bombings or 9/11 is it?