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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Am I Alone In Finding This Suspicious?

Why Now?

I loathe this culture. One happy and smug in its misogyny and pedophiliac behaviour of subjugation. I also detest its cunning nastiness and feel this sudden "disclosure" that their children are abused as freely as white girls very dubious.

For my part I have always believed the grooming for rape and abuse of young white children was  possessed of a strong racist covetousness, as much as any other factor. If not more so. Furthermore since these animals always choose their own race to marry, as often as not, to reduce their own marital gene pool would go against so much of their cultural deviancy. 

Whatever spin might be spun we know this. The aiding and abetting of this horrific and imported mass abuse culture against young girls has been allowed for decades. For if the authorities need to promote the rubbing of our noses in this ghastly and unsustainable social engineering, on a par with Hitler's pursuit of a specific racial dominance, this atrocious and sustained abuse could not be permitted to blot the mantra of Utopian enforced integration.

My loathing for these immigrant hordes and their despicable and stone age attitudes may be massive but it still is a minor matter when stacked against those who have conspired to bring it about. From Brussels, via Berlin and the worst offenders of all in Whitehall and Westminster my hatred formed for their treachery trumps hands down those committing the crimes. 

How our political class has the gall to court our vote next May beggars belief. Just look around our towns and cities and tell me the decay, poverty, criminality, drug taking and gangs roaming the orphanages and ghettos are worthy events to seek office on the back of and I'll ask how on earth these moronic imbeciles sleep at night.


  1. Upon this land, Charles Dickens would find fertile material on which to pen the fall of this nation and mankind.

  2. To your question, far from it, OR.