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Friday, 5 September 2014

Would You Adam And Eve It?

Do They Ever Stop And Think What They Are Saying?

Cold shouldered!

Our highly experienced defense secretary, rattling his table tennis bats in lieu of a real sabre, failed to realise that if NATO can have 28 member states with "red lines" round them, why can't Russia have similar strategic self interests? The manner the EUSSR and USA cronies seek to posture as super heroes, when we consider their pathetic debacles in the Middle East and back in the sixties, Vietnam, you have to wonder what they're on.

Pol Pot was a result of American expansionism and the selfish power crazed obsession to rule  the Planet. Cambodia, Laos and South Vietnam were all corrupted in the name of political capitalism. The Middle East a battleground for oil domination and subjugation, providing those doing the "despot tango" were allies of the Corporates and gangsters of The West.

So to the present. The threat to our lives now sits firmly in Islamic ideology and its barbaric, misogynous, horrific practitioners. These represent, as do the Western creeps, led by this weak and ghastly Obama, not National interests but their own hubristic stupidity of global dominance. Thus no allegiance to fellow countrymen, only a pathetic "religious", tribal or corporate greed, differentiates the two lethal factions.

Now, with a possible cease fire in Ukraine, we get the Sky News bias outdoing even that of the BBC. Statements such as Russian troops knocking seven bells out of the rag tag Kiev backed, ergo Western, fighters. Even if this is true, that aggressive and civilian shelling bunch, so beloved of the EUSSR, have been as nasty as anything Assad has been accused of. So if Putin acted to stem the violence against Russian speaking people, as our lot mooted we should have done in Syria, what the heck is the difference?

Unless our lot, as it seems they want to do, declare war on Russia, Ukraine should be broken up into Federal States, allowing the differing cultures to have a Nation or State each, to bind their joint sympathies and relative values. 

At the moment it rather seems that huge fortunes are to be made from hypocrisy. Any doubt this can be so is readily dispelled by the likes of Bliar. As for Camoron's posturing at great expense to we tax payers, grossly pathetic. Striding the NATO meeting as powerfully as Gordon Snotpicker used to the G8 summits. Often cold shouldered and rebuffed by the cosy crowd who sit atop the dung heap of the EUSSR behemoth. What a mess.

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