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Thursday, 11 September 2014

True Colours.

Red In Tooth And Claw.

This lady is your knew Foreign Secretary. That is the EUSSR High Representative For Foreign Affairs. In essence better qualified than her predecessor, Baroness Ashton. Decidedly easier on the eye and heart than Gordon The Snotpicker's chosen leftie crony.

Now she has large issues going for her with regard to being reputedly pro Russia. That might well temper the stupidity so far directed from Brussels and fomented by Camoron's need to deflect the fading momentum of his yo yo Premiership. Yet all is not that rosy.

In that last comment I am thinking of her socialist leanings. Like all such successful greasy pole lefties, the climb up the pole has meant power and wealth. A rapid rise above the level of those they purport to care for. Those who still languish in abject poverty,  throughout a Europe heavily big on rhetoric but small on any meaningful delivery of improvement for the most disadvantaged.

Naturally many of the poorer members of society are ill equipped for success in the modern world. In many cases their status is deserved in a slovenly and unpleasant attitude to those more successful than themselves. Here we come across the horrendous and pivotal factors which drive socialism. Envy and chip on the shoulder, grudge led, attitudes.

In this woman's case it's the luxury of conscience without personal discomfort. Middle class, well off and smug. How her communist and left wing credentials stack up against her very privileged, wealthy life style, as with Milibad and his bunch in the UK, I always fail to comprehend. Other than the breathtaking hypocrisy.

Name me one high profile leftie, politician or "celebrity", who forsakes riches, moves among the poor and dwells on the sink estates created from their very incompetence. Note those who make millions of pounds in donations to their friends in power or seeking office, rather than invest in their parishes and genuine philanthropy.

So this woman, fulfilling the obsession by the political establishments throughout Europe for political correctness, takes office. A glaring beacon of left wing, EUSSR style soviet dominance. One which has but one road to travel. A new, socialist Union in the manner of Lenin and Stalin. Little room at the top for any decent, intelligent, aspirational and honest people.

As with the USSR, when it fails the instigators of such a dictatorship will have had years of feathering their own nests and creaming off billions of tax extortion and business corruption. Behaviour not confined to the left but always, with the left, stained by ideals hijacked for the purpose of self, through deception and feigned altruism. 

Still if she builds bridges with Russia it won't all be bad. Not something we can say about Baroness Ashton's ill gotten wealth via incompetent and over promoted placement cronyism. 

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