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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Sad Part Of Any Vote Today.

It's Given To Too Many Incapable Of Informed Decision.

My friend Subrosa laments her encounter with a "Yes" campaigner. A benefit scrounger miffed because Westminster is attempting to use the benefit system for those in need, not those who pursue a selfish, lazy and pathetic lifestyle choice. What a reason for wanting independence! More to the point, why does the stupid sod think an independent Scotland can afford the same or higher largess for such cretins as he who suck the blood from the economy of any Country.

One might ask how much of the Barnett formula gets spent on benefit payments to fund the latest footwear and drug habits of the effing feckless? That these socialist creations should be dominant in Scotland is, of course, a joke, too. These underclass, yet well heeled scum, are behind so much of the UK's ills.

Unfortunately our leaders in Brussels, aided and abetted by the traitors in Whitehall and Westminster, have decided that the promotion of these mass hordes of ill educated and often immigrant masses, suits the agenda for a new world order. The Orwellian vision of a ruling elite, with a pretense of socialism, used to subjugate all but their chosen few.

Were I to develop the argument then the conclusion would have to be that this is little more than a circus. One created by devolution and engineered by socialists to mastermind the destruction in Scotland of any opposition to socialism. It's working. Even a yes vote will leave the Scots stuck with their beloved obsession for a brutal political thuggery beloved of the Left and Trade Unions. One alluded to by Subrosa in her post.

Unfortunately her experience is one rampant throughout these Islands. The gentle, altruistic and more decent middle class mores are long devolved, pun intended, by the Pol Pot, Stalin mindset. One which lies deep within all aggressive lefties and embraced by Common Purpose, as is Islam, as tools to further domination by the Bliar/Brussels like set, seeking to rule everything they can. For themselves and no one else.

One of the first acts of such philosophies and their cohorts was always to destroy social upward mobility, once available through good education and inspirational, conservative teachers. The weasel words such as "education, education, education" ring terribly hollow these days. Add the horrific importation of cultures hell bent on genocide, rape and colonisation and you begin to realise how unimportant this Big Top event actually is.

I repeat my point, nothing will change for the better,whatever the result. Everything will be worse than before the Labour Party took us down this road. A journey no better than the one we are being forced down by Brussels.

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