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Friday, 19 September 2014

The Ominous Result.

Where's The Real Debate?

All the predictable excitement, the pleasure of seeing the Establishment panic and the glaring self interest of the LibLabCon cabal of allies, in the misrule of the rest of us, was an enjoyable but relatively brief diversion. I do wonder if that brief glimpse of the real political cadre of joint and shared interest in  a "Common Purpose" future will have been noticed by the majority? I doubt it.

Back in the real world, Russia is still being driven from any position which could benefit us all. America have declared support and arms provision for the seemingly good rebels in Syria. The mistakes of Iraq to be perpetrated in that oxymoron of a phrase, "lessons will be learned". So much so that the "good" rebels may well end up with IS. Or at least the weaponry kindly donated to them will quickly be sold on to or acquired by IS fighters.

As for Ukraine, that meddling little escapade by Brussels, obeying their American corporate masters and promoting expansionism to further nefarious profiteering, has proved a more difficult and destabilising scenario than the dumb fools running the venture from Langley. No one now knows where all this will end. Albeit European and UK farmers are already hurt by this foolish venture. 

The rest of us are likely to suffer, if a harsh winter sets in, as energy from Russian sources is drained and Germany, as well as other vulnerable Countries struggle with this self inflicted and unnecessary deprivation. The manufactured and expensive Scottish referendum will quickly be forgotten. Its contribution to the near future yet another expensive and damaging outcome for the average citizen.

It is also difficult to know how this referendum will play out at the ballot box in 2015. Some are suggesting Snotty will rise tall and powerful once more. How grotesque would that be? Maybe even replace Red Ed. Whatever happens there, the relatively successful but denigrated, with good reason, Cobbleition's performance has at least turned round the economy better than any other lot would have done.

If the likely return to a position of abusive power by Labour is part of the fall out from the referendum then the decline of the UK and its frail economy will be further expedited. Were the opposite to happen and the SNP be successful at what the Scots may perceive as Labours' collusion with their mates at Westminster, an accurate perception and Labours' 41 Scottish MPs decimated then that might yet save us all from the worse of three evils!

Living this way is sadly believed to be a curse but they are at least interesting times. It's a shame we lack interesting and brilliant people to steer us through. No more so than the clowns in Frankfurt Am Brussels.


  1. I believe that a Yes vote in Scotland would have been a better result because it would prevent Miliband and his idiot cronies like Balls & Harman destroying all the hard work put in to dig us out of the shite left by the last Labour government...

  2. I did lean that way, too, Dioclese. That our ignorant masses will vote for a return to that ruinous Party is beyond me. Mind you, isn't that also part of their still out of control mass immigration policies?