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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Internet Mind Changing Success.

How Thing's Change.

I am astounded at the manner I am able to compare government propaganda from around the world and decide for myself which I consider the most accurate. Of course it is not that simple but it remains a precious tool.

It shows how instead of swallowing whole the politicians' clap trap and claims of speaking as representatives, rather than hubristic, selfish and dishonest graspers, I am able to match their behaviour with a look at often stark reality. So often at odds with the official "lines".

The examples are legion. Clegg, checking out social media, comes up with a populist stand on the poor family hounded so unnecessarily by The State and their inadequate, thick Gestapo police Chiefs. Nice one Nick, now pitch in to condemn the Muslim slave traffickers and peadophile pimp industry.

Then there is that discredited NATO crowd and their EUSSR mates desperate to morph NATO into an American funded private army and recipients of allied arms traders. Who would have expected to have sympathy with the Castro nepotists in Cuba? Well in this instance and with an already similar viewpoint of my own, I do agree with the thrust of this statement.

Further aspects of this capability to check out and hold, to some account, our moronic, devalued capitalist Common Purpose cretins are the ghastly decisions to react to 9/11 as they did. Sure it was a dreadful attack and murderous act of terrible savagery. Now sweeping the Middle East and even knocking at the back door of China. However it's real purpose was to wreck the Ponzi, fragile and illegal economic structures of The West.

In many ways it worked. We have been driven to the brink of total monetary collapse and are still vulnerable today. Yet, at the moment, we have unimaginable resources, via the Internet, even when they are abused by all and sundry, to delve into issues and do our own research. What a capability.

It is no longer necessary to believe everything Kiev and their NATO, EUSSR and vested commercial and arms dealer interests would have us bankroll. We can pick up on the other sides' utterances like never before. No Lord Haw could be as effective as he once was and hanged for.

Despite the pitfalls, the shortcomings of our own educational and intelligence levels, it is still a wonderful medium for those prepared to use it as best they can. Long may it continue and allow us to quell the war mongering, from wherever it arises. A metaphorical ice bucket to match the actual charitable one doing the internet rounds for charitable purposes. 

A precious and we can but hope future medium which may yet reduce the power of the corporate marketeers as well as the politicians. After all we can now tell the world if a product or even an advertising campaign is crap, or OK stuff! 

So let's hear it for Fidel's brother and vilify the EUSSR and NATO expansionism, just done to sell arms at our expense!

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