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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Gospel According To Obama.

Barefaced Cheek.

Obama's take on the overthrow of Yanukovytch as his having quit his post is such a blatant twisting of the truth. He slams narrow nationalist fervour then praises the same manner such ideals did for the USSR. 

What a grotesque reincarnation of communist style rhetoric. In between the weasel words runs the actual motive for all this warmongering, expansionist aggression. All countries must boost their arms modernisation. Guess where the suppliers will be expected to come from?

He prattles on about Russia, when all the shallow but dangerous muppet is peddling, is anti-Russia and vilification of  his nemesis , Vladimir,  to destroy Russia's competitive place in the market. He, Obama, may well find his posturing come back to haunt him.

What should be happening is an alliance with Russia and China to destroy Islamic terrorism. Humble pie over Syria would be sensible. Thereafter these three powers look to create an environment wherein peace and a slow down in the obscene fortunes garnered by the arms business. Fat chance,  The_Rothschild Cartel would never allow it. So I'll end with a clip of one the alternative suppliers

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