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Sunday, 21 September 2014

So Angry.

Life Should Be So Good.

What a day,began waking with a frustrating lack of energy and joie de vivre. A beautiful, indeed glorious sunny morning failing to dispel the frustration of medically induced depressive tendencies. I gathered up the puppy, after an anger driven glimpse at the total vacuousness of Emma Thompson.

Better off as Nanny McVie than pontificating in an inglorious, stupid, ill informed manner, at the "settled" argument that anthropomorphic global warming is settled as a given fact. Stupid, ridiculous, deluded cow. One adamant that, goaded by Dozy Dwarf Marr, claimed to be an opera star cos' she gets to warble with a second class tenor, Terfel. If her staged impromptu warble was meant to convince us of her new career direction it failed painfully.

She, however, was the Big Ears warm up act for the main comedian stand up to come. Wallace, looking ever more Gromit's dozy master. Gurning his way through an interview, with Marr's tongue up his bum, must have explained some of the expressions employed. A minimum wage of £8 by 2020. Easy peasy. It won't buy what the present one does by then. Government incompetence, leading to constant inflationary led depreciation of wages, guarantees this level of pay if the "apocalypse" has yet to kick in.

As for an "apocalypse", guaranteed if the British underclass and imported gerrymandered throngs get their way and vote for more theft from the thrifty, the weak and the vulnerable. People regarded as selfish"baby boomers" regardless of their sacrifices to rebuild an economy bereft by war, plagued with the idealistic, unrealistic and luxury mind set of left wing hypocrisy. A hypocrisy which sees their leaders, trade union barons and media luvvies such as Thompson, basking in self centered airs of superior morality. Airs totally forgetful of the nightmare deprivations bequeathed the poor after decades of blatant Labour failure.

Compare and contrast the Bliars', Balls', Milibands, Snotty Brown's (on his new medication) and the plethora of left wing millionaires tax funded, wealthy life styles, with the sink estate, drug riddled, gangster controlled ghettos, populated with the dregs of comprehensive education failure.

I suspect David Camoron is an OK chap. Prone to anger, depression, euphoria, anxiety and frailty, as much as we all are. Unlike the Labour bunch of cretinous and deluded twats of the highest order of hypocritical nastiness, promoted by their placements throughout our public services and ultra powerful in the BBC land of leftie fairies, Dave probably deserves greater consideration.

Sadly he is just another puppet of the EUSSR. If he had balls and statesmanship he would pledge to deny the Scottish Labour MPs a say on English matters. Of course that would open the door to more influence being brought against the undemocratic forces run by Germany via their proxies in Brussels. So back to UKIP, guys and gals!

After the poor start to that fabulous Sunday morning puppy and me had a wonderful walk in the forests nearby. Then a smashing lunch with friends and near neighbours in the village. Hamilton won the Gran Prix and my footy team won in London. How good can it sometimes get?!

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  1. I admire your writing skills that articulate for us the truth of the matter. If only those "dregs of comprehensive education failure" can muster together two of their brain cells, they will enable similar admiration or understanding and might go on to vote for a UKIP solution like me and you.