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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Short Post Today.

Who Always Wins?

Wherever there is strife we can always find somebody, usually with Rothschild connections, cleaning up billions out of the proletariat's misery, killing and debauchery. Naturally their profits are also shared with facilitators and Bliar towers above all of them as a beneficiary of blood letting profiteering. Ukraine another example.

These people also resent sharing the opportunities for vast riches, via tax payer servitude. Ergo dump Nations in favour of an even greater control capability through a single political entity. Take that one step further and we see the raison d'etre for Orwell's global government of just a few regional centres.

Then we can also consider the panic in Whitehall and Westminster over Scottish Independence. A new player on the block and one with personnel every bit as keen for their share of the "goodies" they witness handed round to the corrupt crowd down in London! A central, London cabal which resents having to share the cosy secrets their huge and suspicious wealth engenders.

As the figureheads of this ghastly, corrupt and shameful system descend on Scotland, we can but hope their nastiness prevails in upsetting those thinking of clinging to disreputable nannies with a no intention. How I long for a vote to rid us of the EUSSR and that gross group of paid for cretinous nasties.

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