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Friday, 12 September 2014

Propaganda By Omission.

Why Is This Not Mega Headlines?

I never fail to understand why this Pistorius trial garners saturation coverage. I typical spoilt brat, privileged and feted slaughters his trophy girl friend in a drug fuelled rage and gets away with it. Meanwhile a monumental threat to all our lives and well being bares its teeth and zilch reporting, by comparison.

This is of what I write. One blogger reminds us of a similar action just before 9/11. from whence came the first link. Meanwhile our "children" posture over Ukraine, twiddle thumbs over Scottish independence and continue their all round stupidity and incompetence.

I join AS in hoping the signs are coincidental. However yet another less than well publicised major incident goes unremarked in favour of Putin bashing, stupid sanctions and complacency. As I keep posting, what are the preferred options? Back Assad, a brutal but effective policeman, make Putin an ally in the fight against global terrorism, in the guise of Islamic horror and look to unpalatable relationships to combat IS, such as Iran? Or do as the "kids" are doing?

Vilify Russia and upset China. Appease the Islamic fathers of endemic rapists and racists throughout The West, act weakly and uselessly against the threats. Rub up Israel the wrong way. The only State with the correct attitude to Arab and Muslim created sense of entitlement. One Islamists long ago forfeited any consideration of decency for by failing to put their own houses in order.

I dread the possibility of a terrible event giving cause to yet another "we told you so". Just as many "told them" of the financial collapse of 2008 long before it came about. Guess who, as ever, had to pick up the tab?

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