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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Old Labour Same New Labour Wealthy!

Hypocrisy Writ Large As Usual.

Miliband learns how ordinary people live.

These two wealthy clowns, rich on the back off tax payers, plus their boss Len McCluskey, a Union Baron also rich on the back of his members' coerced subscription payments have the nerve to trot out those tired old cliches. Soak the rich but not each other. Up the workers who no longer have job worthy of these idiots rhetoric.

I suspect the "workers" they bang on about are the slaves imported under Labours' need to boost their home grown citizens loss of interest and beginning to question why many decades of socialism ruling the roost has left them worse off than ever. Their sink estates sunk even lower, their NHS in shambles unable to cope with the numbers clamouring from across the World for our hard won services.

These fools call for a Mansion tax on £2 million homes. I suspect their own pads are £1.9 million quids worth. Forget their "friend of the workers", politics of envy, clap trap. Socialists loathe anybody who strive to aspire. Many middle class people are vilified for standing on their own two feet by a doctrine of Orwellian control and nastiness.

This unpleasant crede is no more than the Islamist barbarism seeking the destruction of all unbelievers. Note the lack of any mention at this conference of the Rotherham scandal. One presided over, covered up and who knows, encouraged by Labour, in the pursuit of votes. We only need to remeber Harman's deep affection for "Paedophile Exchange" affiliation to socialist groups to see the scum for what they are.

Sure none of the other Westminster set are much better but by God they have a greater affinity with humanity and decency than any socialist, Pol Pot clone. For these nepotistic, put our children in Parliament before anybody else, ghastly and rich champagne quaffers, McCluskey the head of table, godfather of their violent envy and class hatred, so long ago a lost cause, have frequently driven this Nation close to oblivion. 

Maybe Milibad's ten years to change things will complete the Common Purpose agenda prior to our final surrender to the enemy we spilt so much blood to avoid.

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