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Sunday, 28 September 2014


So Much happening, So Much Drivel From Our Establishment.

I've been at a bit of a loss as for a subject to post on so I'm going for a muse. Do join me if you have a moment.

Most of today's Sunday Times current affairs, feature writers and editorial seemed to have come from here. A General stated the paucity of our run down capability for defense or interventions, were we really need to make them. Bumbling excuses by Camoron for sending a pair of obsolete jets to attack ISIL. Even if we could find them damage would more likely be seen on our own very insecure and unsafe streets.

Grant "lickspittle" Shapps stepped up to the dais to cry "betrayal" at Mark Reckless. I would suggest the real, despicable, loathsome betrayal is of the British people by the Establishment, led by whoever is their front man in Downing Street at any time. Mr Reckless gives us glaring evidence of the depth of the treachery spun by the PTB here.

The same betrayal shown in the cowardly rhetoric used to make a bloody failure in Afghan seem somehow a raging success. What pathetic universe of hubris do the clowns inhabit in Downing Street. A place where spin ignores failure, PR is believed to trump returning body bags. Where's the betrayal when we match honourable resignations with this unrepresentative dictatorship our Establishment and EUSSR has become?

As for the LibDums, sunk without trace and good riddance to people for whom honesty is an unknown foreign word. The others understand it but swallow that word in hypocrisy and lust for power for themselves.

Then there is Labour. Their Boss, McCluskey salivating over strike action aimed squarely at the sick and frail, elderly and unborn. Sure this Government is treating public sector workers harshly but they ruled the roost under Labours' 13 years of buying votes with our taxes. 13 years when  their scorched earth policy meant that dwarf, Byrne, was able to make a throw away jibe, as he pocketed his last ministerial pay check, (borrowed money), "zilch money left".

So if we really wish to trade "betrayal insults" let us brook no truck with any of those who for decades have abused children and kept it secret. Waged illegal and costly, economic sapping conflicts to this very day. Betrayed our ability to absorb genuine refugees after burying us in economic benefit and health tourism. Men and women in power who have allowed invaders to infiltrate all we ever held precious and turned a blind eye to those bought immigrant votes, when those people have raped and abused our vulnerable children.

There can be little doubt we have in our midst those with hatred and envy for our very existence. Thousands ready to cause barbaric slaughter on our streets. The stupid ignorance of our lot savaging Russia and Putin, claiming moral high ground over Assad when he/they have genuine interests at heart for their own people and supporters.

How sending a couple of jets to cruise around the deserts of Iraq is somehow "keeping our streets safe" is just ridiculous. I suggest a pact with Putin and Assad to destroy ISIS would have a far greater chance, not least for the big sticks those guys are not afraid to use in their own defense.

So sit back and listen to the platitudinous Tory conference, stage managed circus, and ponder. Where is the real betrayal buried deep and endemic in our midst? UKIP your time might well have come. We can but pray.

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  1. Yeas, Cameron is looking increasingly desperate. Perhaps he's trying to catch up with Miliband?