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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Here We Go Again.

Warmongering On Borrowed Money.

So we're putting our old aircraft back in the air. Davy Boy is cheer leading for his longed for "Boy's Own" war games. No doubt he'll get his way tomorrow, with Parliament rushing back to the playground, full of self important posturing.

I even heard some hack yesterday saying how without joining the "coalition" to bomb and attack IS, we would lose our influence on the global stage. Like we have one after Camoron's hero, Bliar, went about creating mayhem in the Middle East. Albeit Bliar has become mega rich on the back of his shady deals and war cries.

What old and pathetic bit of cooking the books, to fund this latest mad, unnecessary and useless venture, will be trotted out, I wonder? The couple of billion Milibad said he'll find, to fund more socialist votes, will look very tame when we start throwing it away in munitions, fuel and logistics to strut our leaders' hubris and chest thumping attempts to look manly and courageous. Easy from behind a posh desk, of course.

I don't recall Government telling us how much, so far, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and what else we have spent, has added up to. Or how much we need to care for the thousands of troops maimed or dead to service the wholesale, bloody, incompetent stupidity of them all.

A more reserved, Denmark, Norway or Swedish model for our Country would have been so much more sensible. Only greed and a Whitehall desperate and needy for power and their greed for status, so richly undeserved, has created a political class so deluded as to be incapable of rational thought and or action.

Note, too, the deafening hush emanating from Berlin and Brussels. Their coffers so depleted they can't afford a pop gun let alone an F-15 or Typhoon squadron. We'll get to spend a few billion in the hope of befriending Obummer's corporate pals, whilst Europe builds bridges and economies with Russia. 

Sanctions ending up only hurting our warmongering cretins with their eyes off the ball with the excitement of more bloodletting. As Ukraine, carefully persuaded by Putin to settle down, moves towards a rapprochement with Russia and Europe, negating any of this sanction nonsense, Dave seems to have forgotten that damaging and costly foray, which only screws we little peoples' savings and pensions.

As for the futile gesture of bombing IS. That will hardly pass the home grown "cricket test" with the colonising hordes soon to be the majority Islamic Muslim population. You know, all those immigrants introduced by Labour. 

The very reason for "their" NHS no longer able to cope and one slowly, under socialist guidance, soon to sacrifice the elderly white indigenous demand for care they have paid for many times over. DNR notices for all whites over 70. Ed forgot that, like he did the deficit, in his puerile speech. Forgot my arse.

You can add the socialist gerrymandering pledge to reduce the voting age to 16. If a foetus could vote Labour then we would witness that becoming the progressive mantra. Naturally these lefties loathe the elderly white population since they know over many decades the penalties for voting Labour have increased our misery.

We are to suffer strikes next month, in the NHS as well as other public "services". Dear God how stupid they are. 14000 more nurses under Ed's pledges really will mean that many more Union members and strike prone, subservient staff to help the grip on power of that dinosaur of a Commie, McCluskey. 

Meanwhile IS will suck us dry with ridiculous war machinery games, to drain what precious little we have left. The madness is almost comical were it not for the misery, injury, death and poverty it causes. Still, hey, for Labour it is always funded through their evergreen taxation tree. As for the others, they tamely follow the Whitehall, socialist line, as dictated from Brussels. 

Watch with horror as the children vote to go to war yet again, whilst their back door remains wide open to a mass invasion of enemies, to join those already in this Country. Poor Lee Rigby may well, soon, be joined by many others butchered on our streets. Streets in no way kept safe by those who rule so badly over us. What a shambolic nightmare.

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  1. I live in Birmingham and i can see one hell of a mess in the near future.