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Saturday, 6 September 2014


We're Supposed To Swallow This Saccharine?

"David, we need a family, cuddly, image enhancing photo shoot for Protus. What can you fix up?"

Whitehall goes into meltdown. An employee from the PR department of "cuddly locations" says "How about a walkabout at Stonehenge?".

"Yeah, nice idea but then what?", goes the thinking. "Well", says said employee, "I live out there, why not a "chance" meeting and excited encounter with an "ordinary" family?". Magic idea, let's set it up.

Several months later one single, cuddly family just happens to stroll past the ghastly, hated leader of a grotesque, failed, warmongering, bossy culture. A man desperate for a decent photo op. Not a Muslim family, no activist sypathisers or haters of what the swaggering, arrogant, useless totem pole stands for in a West utterly beyond the pale.

Cameras everywhere but only this one lonely, almost forlorn group that just happened to be there, all by themselves, just as this motorcade and hundred strong security detail swept a 20 mile radius and an air exclusion zone is patrolled from above.

For a moment I was beguiled. Then the full force of the improbability hit me. Obama can go nowhere without high level and intense, paranoid and total planning being carried out to prevent the millions around the world, who pay in the hope of such a coup as his assassination, seeing their desires fulfilled.

Then the force of the staged deception hit me. As Ukraine is still orchestrated by the CIA, to wreck the Eastern sympathies with Russia, via Kiev's pliant and well paid puppets, we get this pathetic charade at Stonehenge. 

Watch Obama's body language. He knew and was totally disinterested in this family. Another PR stunt. One, if we look closely, embarrassingly obvious. Yet our media clowns go along as though it's somehow unimportant that it's no more than a cheap, badly produced advertising stunt. One for a product already thought little of and seen not to deliver the glowing white teeth promised.

Meanwhile the struggling effort to promote a Kiev coup, established and dubious government of oligarchs, with no substantial legitimacy, fails also to convince. Give me Putin over Obama and his creepy acolytes any day. As for Camoron, this whole stunt has his poor competence, even at PR, all over it. I hope some of our media prove it for the sham it almost certainly is. 

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  1. OR, please keep up the good work in exposing such. We seem to live in a PR and fake advertising world now. Me; I'd back Putin in sincerity against Obama + Cameron any day.