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Monday, 22 September 2014

Deja Vu.

Balls Still Digging That Hole.

It's like we never had a pathetic, spend, spend spend, to buy votes, Labour Government. A bottomless pit is their only aptitude or policy when taxing us all to chuck down this socialist pit of waste.

To witness the pathetic clowns at their conference of all the zero talents is to be reminded of how the lot of them left power bragging "there's no money left". We even had to endure that escapee from the loony bin last week, on his new medication, Snotty Gordon.

Should these morons gain power next year any recovery, fragile or otherwise, will be rapidly finished. Within two years or even sooner we'd be a basket case economy once more.One which fits hand in glove with that ridiculous rubbish that is socialism. Ask the French about their burden that passes for government.

Now were we able to bar Scottish MPs from meddling in English matters and a sufficient number of UKIP MPs to form a coalition, things might change for the better. Be rid of Wallace, Cleggy and The Boy and it would really be something to cheer.

However I expect yet another election to pass by when no one has the cojones to address proper economic reform for funding the sacred cow that is the NHS, for reducing to virtually zero mass immigration and its burden on resources and addressing the need for a decent education system. As for a government prepared to tackle creeping Islamic dominance and represent the indigenous population, dream on! 

All in all another depressing election to suffer in the certain knowledge that whoever gets buggins turn will preside over the decline of our society. Only the pace of decline will vary. Slower with any government other than the mad rush to economic oblivion beloved of all socialists.

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