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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Another Faux Hero Exposed.

Boris Shows His True Colours.

This picture is a rare glimpse of the face behind the comic mask and buffoonery Boris employs to hide his real cunning, adulterous tendencies and frankly, wholly untrustworthy credentials. What a shame to watch a once admired politician caught using the usual dedication to slagging off opponents to further hubris and ambition.

His speech, on the face of it, was superb, entertaining and if you still saw him as honest and decent, uplifting. Sadly the undertones of unnecessary, aggressive concentration on perceived enemies, in reality, competitors for power, was shabby and boringly predictable.

If this were disappointing, Theresa May suggested new powers, bordering on making thoughts, not acceptable to those in power, criminal offences. Already terrorist laws are draconian and used well beyond common sense. Now we hear more extreme measures are required despite there are more than sufficient present laws, if properly applied. Much as such laws are available to punish gangs of Asian grooming paedophile scum but not used to their full extent.

Were we to be in any doubt how ghastly our EUSSR puppets in Westminster are just look at the situation in Hong Kong and compare it to Ukraine. Putin has made big strides in cooling the fighting and Kiev/Western backed provocation but still gets sanctions slapped on his Russia. 

China go full tilt at riot control and tear gas attacks against their citizens and from the West, pathetic little whinges by scared little men. People unable to cope with anything which challenges their breathtaking and hypocritical incompetence. As with Tibet now with Hong Kong. The Clegg trotted out to mouth unbelievable wimpish comments. 

Rarely a day is now passing without glaringly obvious examples of the blindness of our PTB. At every level of governance all we now experience is a wasteland bereft of talent and overpopulated with crass, ill equipped and very unintelligent individuals. This throughout every tier of society. What's left of it. 

An incisive essay on our Nation in 2014 and its lack of any heroes to save us can be found here. Read and weep that even Boris has fallen into the category of politician and self before all else. Who is there left to save us? Or is it really all doom and gloom forevermore? Sure is if Labour get back in next year. 

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  1. Boris is an amiable old sod, but hardly statesmanlike or PM material I would suggest.

    Unimpressed by his slagging of UKIP too. 'Vacuum cleaners'? FFS!