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Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Guest Post From A Friend.

Democracy or Pandora?

The Scottish Referendum has opened a new box and demonstrated two most important truths –firstly, that our political classes are a bunch of weak, incompetent, shiftless, self-serving and inconsistent bastards, starting at the very top and working down.  And secondly, that what we really need is a lot less government.

We need a new law, namely that collectively, any Government, local or national, is not allowed to levy taxation of more than 30% of national income at any time.  And that this taxation should be divided into two parts – primary taxation not exceeding 25% (education, health, etc.) and social taxation not exceeding 5% (for the betterment of society).  If a Government can’t afford a service or activity, and there is a genuine demand for it, then it will be supplied and serviced by the private sector.

This will ensure that 70% of national wealth is in circulation under control of society, creating full employment (a Government couldn't afford to pay the wasteful levels of social welfare currently in force), a more dynamic, demand driven economy and a happier population.

The first parliamentary term will be set aside for implementation of the new system, allowing a full five years to shake out the bugs and weed out the politicians who have scraped their way back in but are just not up to the job.

So when the next General Election looms and some hapless political hack (regardless of their political affiliation) asks you for your vote, ask him or her if they support 30% taxation, and if they don’t say “yes”, don’t vote for them.  And if they try to tell you that it isn't possible, then they remain a bunch of liars.  Of course it is possible.  


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  1. Democracy with its voting systems is a sick illusion. The reality is the people (including all politicians) are indoctrinated disposable slaves of elitist controlling and ruling psychopathic slavers.

    People refuse to accept the above greater truths of their situation because of the indoctrinated programs on them which includes belief refusal of those greater truths.

    Any ideas of fair government, fair tax, and voting out unfair politicians to make it fair are futile. It cannot be simple when we are all either system server slaves for the slavers or slaves of the system server slaved.

    We must first break free from our slavery before ideas about simple and fair government can be created.

    It begins by ideas to make us free; and any ideas about that are never simple. A good beginning (I do this): is withdrawing consent to be ruled by any smaller system server 'jobsworth'. If enough of us do that, the small fry jobsworths will soon be withdrawing their own consent to be ruled by their supervisor jobsworth, who in turn will soon be withdrawing their consent to be ruled by their jobsworth manager. And so on it can go, reaching the 'authorities' who will be withdrawing consent to be ruled by their chiefs.

    The whole system will come crashing down, exposing the ruling elite psychopaths at the top who will have no more system server slaves to impose their sick agendas.

    But you can't break the law, you say. Yes, common law is a given: do not cheat, steal or murder. Common sense rule is a given: do not disturb, vandalise or drive on the right. The rest is about responsible parenting. Everything else is statute law masquerading as responsibility to protect, when it is in reality ruling to control our behaviour. Are we not obedient slaves because of them said rules?

    Enough said.