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Thursday, 28 August 2014

You Wait For Something.....

Then It Happens.

Douglas Carswell leaves the Conservative Party, hacked off with the facade of euro scepticism promoted by his duplicitous and deceitful Party hierarchy. In return the Establishment, supported by the likes of R A E North, with his own chip on the shoulder to nurture against UKIP, piles in with the anti UKIP concerto, directed by Brussels.

However, I for one admire Carswell's stand in seeking re-election under his new colours. Most "floor crossers" hang on for as long as they can, to fill their coffers with salary and expenses, pensions and selfish grasping. I suspect the vitriol directed at Carswell is little different to that aimed at Churchill's musical chairs.

It would be fantastic were Carswell to save us from Europe, just as Churchill did. Fantastical as that might seem, his defection could, we can but hope, spark a sea change in UKIP's fortunes every bit as much as the wonderful first place in the EUSSR election.

One final thought. The alacrity his joining UKIP has replaced Rotherham in the headlines and the rapid camera hugging by Camoron and Milibad proves, as if proof were needed, that such events are deemed far more worthy of their time and posturing than the dreadful society they have fervently assisted in creating. Suffer the little children not important unless belonging to parents easily able to forget them and leave them in a gastro pub.

Sadly the rise of UKIP is probably likely to be too little too late. Allah be praised the cry more likely to be the future of an Islamic State soon to reign supreme in these Islands and throughout Europe. At this point the rape of young children will be no longer be an offense but a right for those doing the Mullahs' bidding.


  1. I fervently hope as well that Carswell's move is hope of better things to come.

    Oh and the Richard North "soldier" thing should be "shoulder". :)



  2. Thank you for the input, Russtovitch and mistake edited. Getting ever less young.