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Monday, 18 August 2014

Ukraine Going Quiet For Western Media.

More Propaganda By Omission.

Little on this meeting for our MSM to relish. As for the story of a refugee group being attacked, that looks as shrouded in Kiev subterfuge as MH17. If we also consider the words by Sergei Lavrov with regard to Kiev's oligarch "friends" then the crowd installed by The West look grotesquely like thugs and mercenaries.

How ironic the stature of Russian diplomacy trumps totally that in The West. Perhaps this fact is why there is such desperation to vilify, childishly, Vladimir and his team. Give me a Lavrov any day over a Hague or Hammond. The front men for a FCO so far buried in their own posteriors as to be in the dark, constantly.

Then there are the Democrat lot in The White House. People so in hock to the crooks on Wall Street and the drug barons of South America, as to have zero influence on anything requiring a sense of morality. I could give them the benefit of the doubt if they backed off whingeing about Russia and joined forces to sort the problems out. Presumably the drug lords are scared of Russian influence as much as their puppets in Washington.

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