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Friday, 29 August 2014

The Gospel According To Nato.

We Need New Believers.

Money, money, guns, more money. That's what this USA puppet is blathering. Rather than work with their arms and commercial competitor, Russia, the idiots in The West are happy to do the even dirtier PR work of the arms manufacturers and suppliers. No matter the humanitarian carnage. 

The US laid waste to Vietnam and arms suppliers cleaned up. Since then they have been donating weaponry to terrorists and rogue states in the Middle East. Very expensive and a huge waste of lives and trillions of dollars.

So a new market needs to open up. Ukraine is ideal. Counter the growing economic strength of Russia, give the EUSSR and NATO cause to spend on the latest military hardware, from guess where, then rope in as many other EU puppet regimes to bail out the dismal economies of Europe. What did happen to MH17? Ask the CIA.

Collateral damage, so what? We wrecked Europe once before and cleaned up. Well the Rothschilds and Co. did. That Gatling gun syndrome is back with us! Just put that into a post search here at Oldrightie.

Munich in the 1940s

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