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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Cricket Test.

Failed By Warsi.

She becomes a wealthy, tax paid peer. Then high office. Nevertheless the powerful genetic roots still hold sway. When loyalty to the generostiy of her chosen domicile and religious sway arises, it's "up yours" UK.

That such an attitude should prevail is little more than human nature. That also applies to selective morality. 

In this grotesque world of global ambition, Islamic influences are held as priority over all else. The suffering of The Jewish people at the hands of Merkel's immediate forebears and their Eastern European allies matters little. 

In fact Hamas and much of the majority barbaric Arab world, fronted by Hamas and ISIS, are accepted, regardless of their cultural unbounded evil. Add to this the double standard hypocrisy of the ever growing Muslim populations throughout Europe and we are storing up the same, brutal, savagery for our own Nations.

Warsi is a perfect example of the hypocrisy allowed to flourish in the corridors of power. Attitudes which dismiss the sacrifices of two world wars Iin favour of a modern belief we have nothing to learn from history. The biggest lesson of all is that human beings who seek power and wealth  do so to the detriment of the rest. So much for civilised maturity.


  1. What is happening in Israel ought to be completely obvious to all the many journalists currently wringing their hands about the issue. The basic facts are that the Palestinians elected Hamas as their leaders, and Hamas has a stated aim of completely destroying Israel.

    To this end, Hamas has been using crude rockets as an ever-so-slightly area denial tool, to try to economically cripple Israel. To date none of the rockets have done more than annoy people, and force the deployment of the hugely expensive Iron Dome defence system. However, they are a nuisance and an act of war and provocation.

    Israel understands perfectly the tactics of Hamas. Continual provocation, and use of media to demonstrate massacres of civilians. What has happened now is that the IDF has formulated a plan to cripple Hamas, and in this plan will be a set of objectives. Most of the objectives will be people they want dead. They know that military operations against Hamas will provoke outrage, but either they act or they let Hamas win.

    So they've acted, and it is worth noting that the IDF and the Israeli government both have the balls to stick to the plan and see it through to the end; they want a set series of Hamas leaders dead and they have a timetable to complete this in. They know they'll be condemned internationally, but Hamas has dictated the terms of the conflict.

    Also worthy of note is the complete inaction of every other Arab state in the region. Their people in Gaza have picked a fight with Israel, and now they've got a fight. However, the last time Arabs tried it on with Israel they got their arses handed to them; Arabs can learn from experience provided this is a bloody enough one. So, the support Gaza gets from their fellow Arabs is purely moral, from a very long way away.

  2. Hear hear.

    Also, the very dirty tricks Ham-Arse use, with faked photos and videos purporting to show Israeli atrocities (when they're stuffed with actors in stage make-up) show these barbarians will stop at nothing in the media war. It's unfortunate so many of "our" politicians are too stupid and historically uneducated to see through these deceits. Warsi is/was a prime example of someone of limited intelligence promoted due to her race/religion - certainly not from talent - spewing out Hamas propaganda.

  3. This is disgusting. Israel is committing genocide and you cunts defend them. Bye bye.

  4. Bye bye and good riddance to the foul language.