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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

On The Wrong Side?

Seems Too Frequently We Are.

Each passing day it gets harder to follow the ever spiralling downward imbecility of Western, post WW2, corporate backed political meddling. On the one hand National interests and keeping our streets safe is the mantra then multi-cultural imported barbarians the answer.

We seek regime change in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria only to find the strong men vilified for their ability to keep the lid on monsters and psychopaths were part of a solution not the problem! We back to the hilt The Saudis, who repay us with unleashing the forces of Satan himself to terrify, brutalise and murder all and sundry in their wake.

To compound this pathetic inability to do anything sensible and constructive in world affairs, we pick a fight with Russia. One which necessitated placing the cousins of ISIS/IS, for they aren't much better than all the other potentates happy to bomb their own country's people into submission to their own greed for power and wealth.

Putin expressed the fears, now copied by Camoron, months later, of spill over from the Syrian conflict. Putin also remains the one world leader, hardened by the atrocities by Islamists in Chechnya, prepared to counter with force and strength the barbaric inability of the fanaticists. We just throw open our health services, benefits and houses to welcome the hordes into our midst. Hardly a Trojan horse when it's so blatant a stampeding herd of wild animals.

As for the awful death of the young American journalists, just as with Hitler, appeasement of a rampaging mad creature and monster is futile. Were these thugs and brain dead morons to face capital punishment, their joy of martyrdom could be met. All are then winners! 

One important requirement is, however, necessary. That is the choice of "sides". For me Russia and Putin are head and shoulders above the Saudi Despots, any day. If we look to Iran and Syria rather than away from them, we are once more siding against Islamic State. Better erstwhile "friends" have nuclear weapons than the mad men of Islamic, unprecedented barbarity. 

They'll get them soon enough so we should be looking to neuter that threat, sooner rather than later. Is their one Western politician with the cojones and character, strength, or intelligence to handle the destruction of the entire human race? Not in my book. How much does it cost to become a Russian citizen! Not such a massive multi-cultural cess pool as any Western Nation.


  1. Another excellent post, OR. When I lived in Russia (more than a decade ago) there was a fee of US$10K for a foreigner's permanent residence permit - to acceptable individuals. If the latter phrase sound dubious it isn't really, but it did mean acting in a mature, responsible way - no arrests, no serious traffic offences, etc. I don't think getting Russian citizenship was realistic at that time; and I don't know about now.
    I continue to visit Moscow, once or twice a year, and it seems to me that there are more civic freedoms there than there are now in the UK.

  2. Say what you like about Putin, he's a strong leader - and God knows we could do with one or two of those in the West