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Friday, 8 August 2014

None So Blind.

Than These Two And Their Cohorts.

As The US, possibly justifiably on this occasion, attack the barbarians in The Middle East, who pass themselves off as human beings, we must wonder at why one or both these guys sleep at night. Their meddling in Iraq and Libya, backing for sure the wrong horses have led to the colossal nightmare engulfing the region.

If that failure was not enough they, then the present incumbents, spouted off about keeping our streets safe. Now the rhetoric has come full circle and we are crying about how returning, as well as invited and installed, jihadists and primitive, ghastly Islamists are infecting the very heart of our society.

If ever there was, in the whole of history, a more bloody outcome, disastrous economic wrecking spree and pathetic capitulation to terrorists, I know of it not. To add to the scenario these guys are rich on their stupidity. Both nurtured by corporate gangsters, arms dealers and oil funded despots.

In all of this one world figure rises to the understanding of the dangers of Islam and chooses to back Assad for the same reasons we once did Saddam and Gaddafi. Common sense understanding of the tribal, infantile nature of the Arab, Islamic culture. Putin was ruthless in Chechnya for the reasons we now endure for our failure to be strong and decisive. An out of control spread of ideology alien to all that we have always accepted as Christian values and behaviour.

How long before these pathetic but horrific fanatics start butchering us on our own streets? Hang on.............................

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  1. I agree with you. We are now reaping the whirlwind that was sown so well a decade or so ago. I feel angry that these poor people are being butchered and only limited help is being provided seemingly reluctantly by the western powers. It is a disgrace.