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Sunday, 24 August 2014

More From Ukraine.

Possibly Yet More Embarrassing Events For Western Inadequacies.

 I doubt our MSM will relish this if it turns out to be true! As is always the case, we follow our lots lips moving in order to see their words are "gimme, gimme, gimme".

By that I refer you to this obcenity. Just what the Ukrainian people need. Forget stability, peace and prosperity. That will all be the preserve of those in power. Kickbacks and corruption, as follows arms dealing as night follows day.

As for the Western duplicitous and pathetic, greed and money grubbing bunch, their strategy to isolate a major arms competitor, Russia, seemed to be going well. Trouble with that they need Russia to help tame ISIS and surreptitiously assist supporting Assad to do that.

Maybe greed before diplomacy may become seen for the nastiness it is and the resentment it creates. ISIS but one example of that resentment. The mess caused in The Middle East, especially Camoron's terrible failure in Libya also evidence of expansionist covetousness.

Still, if you want an airport for yourself, call Dave!

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