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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Media Trumped Again.

A promising Development.

The weapon shown reminds me of WW2 field gun toys I used to fire matchsticks out of. No doubt this one does much more than that. Whatever, this fight back bodes well for further suppression of the ISIS advances. Given Richard North's excellent post recently, as to the far more optimistic military state on the ground in Iraq, the success reported here suggests his take knocks spots off the pathetic organs of the Western media.

On a similar vein, the reporting of Ukraine and those dreadful events also leaves much to be desired. To begin with the Russian aid convoy has been more than cleared for the humanitarian relief it always was. The attempts by Kiev and Western propaganda to claim Russian forces were in Ukraine, likewise, has more than been made very doubtful. 

It therefore follows that this manipulation of facts is not without some motive. I noted that the surge in financial markets, early Friday, was crippled by the Kiev centered announcement, unproven, of a seemingly provocative move by Russia to enter Ukraine. What's to say that the Iraq crisis and that false, inaccurate reporting, is also being used to influence markets?

I guess we may never know. Just as we have a deafening silence over the loss of MH17. The "black boxes" have been with UK investigators for many days, now. If they proved, conclusively, Russian separatists were to blame, they would be already public knowledge. Everything emanating from our "authorities" smells rotten, I doubt it will smell rosier anytime soon.

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