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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Is There Nothing We Can Believe?

Lies, The New Truth.

I despair at the pathetic paucity of any remnants of competence in our Western agencies. This link alone offers a very different picture than not only our Government spout, without any question but repeated ad nauseam, by our rubbish media children.

The colossal number of refugees reported in the mountains turns out to be a more manageable and though a sorry state, still not the problem this UN self interested and very devalued demand for their endless need to fill their coffers, implied. This outfit, like it's EU counterpart, is little more than a bureaucratic sponge soaking up the wealthier states hard earnt wealth to further their own salaries and self centered aggrandisement.

The Richard North link may well contain some manipulated data but if the truth lies somewhere in between, the West's propaganda still remains dubious. Not least the manner in which intelligence inaccuracies, the knee jerk responses to flawed information and the hushed announcement of yet another dramatic "Cobra" meeting.

That "Cobra" nomenclature, long past having any efficacy beyond just more ludicrous sense of drama, to bluff the gullible public into thinking something is really serious. Playground stuff by very poor, childish players. Further evidence of the low level of competence and maturity displayed at all levels of our modern age and poor quality products of an education system, long broken.

It is only difficult for those of us blessed with some common sense and intelligence to determine who are the most useless and incompetent, the media or their puppet masters. We need look only at the ancient Chinooks and soon to be retired, equally old Tornadoes, to realise Camoron's use of this new buzz word for equipment, "assets", is yet more flim flam.

Note, too, how the argy bargy in Ukraine, over the blocking of aid from Russia, is very quiet.  A pretext of fear it's some kind of subterfuge by Russia. Probably to cover the desire to see if the crooks in Kiev can blag some kind of kickbacks or backhanders. That, or at the behest of the clowns in The White House of Corporate America, keep tweaking Putin's tail for some nefarious reason. Usually money or arms trade business.
Was an airliner really shot down there? Why no release of black box information yet? Questions legion remain outstanding but not for our media kids with their breaking news, which breaks every single hour of the day. How do the morons justify "breaking news" being attributed many hours later? Dreadful banality.

Here's some more such news. The thugs in Kiev are bombarding all kinds of ess aitch one tee out of their fellow country folk in the East. Aided and abetted by Camoron, Obummer, Merkel, less enthusiastically, mind, Hollande and the rest of their robber barons in Brussels. Now Assad does this, shock horror and references to Pol Pot and Stalin, our lot do it, morality and decency carved into every bomb and shell.

Then there is the matter of Libya. Murderous anarchy and thuggery making the likely murdered Gaddafi look saint like. Hardly a mention of humanitarian consequences there. We are fed a humanitarian diet chosen by the chosen few, are we not?

 All this before we consider the failed "victory" in Afghanistan. Soon that Nation will have a Taliban based centre of excellence for Al Qaeda and all manner of Islamic organisations, securely ensconced, to mount operations against the West. Add to this the Pakistan connection and its nuclear capability, with which to barter agreements and security, it gets very scary. So much of all this the total collapse of any real intelligent competence in the West.

 So much of all this mayhem was and remains so predictable. It beggars belief how we in the West have become so obviously incapable. My sole reason for this state of affairs remains the ridiculous concept of a global governance, run by an inner cabal. This idiocy never once able to grasp the scale of it all. 

Big is not best but rather burdensome. Small is manageable and sensible. Look at Norway's use of oil riches compared to the UK's desire to buy influence, so unnecessary a hangover from the days of Empire. Were we free of the EUSSR monster, the American subservience and truly independent, how much better off we might be. Just the cost of ferrying ancient military aircraft to Cyprus, as a futile gesture of  narcissism, would pay for a goodly number of needed surgical procedures back home.

It is long past time our politics were grown up. We need one heck of a clear out to even begin to change for the better. Fat chance of that, I'm sad to say. More likely more of the same Washington/EUSSR forelock tugging by those treasonous, civil servant influenced, pygmy political classes. All too busy kiddy fiddling, immigrant gerrymandering and money grubbing, than doing a proper job of looking after the Nation.

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  1. This is what needs to be said in the MSM, but we know that's impossible, now; and becoming less likely in the future.
    When I hear Cameron (particularly - but Hague was just as bad) and his ilk trying to sound "statesmanlike" - but succeeding only in sounding like fifth-formers - I know we have a Government of the Absurd.
    What is really worrying is that so many who are listening to such nonsense will only half listen and nod their heads for the few seconds before switching their thoughts to ... whatever.