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Friday, 22 August 2014

Dull, Boring And Pathetic Little Man.

What A Pillock.

After his scintillating and astounding successes at Transport, wiping out all pot holes overnight. This, followed by his equally brilliant time presiding over UK disarmament at any price, which would appease the EUSSR need for a common defense force, to suppress all dissenters, our Phil is now pursuing a fabulous and diplomatic stance as Foreign Secretary. Bear in mind the title. Today it is a job purely designed to look after all foreigners at the expense of the endemic tribes of Britain. 

Thus any utterance which might upset the preferred Islamic faction, seemingly Sunnis, must act as a clarion call to any terrorist, barbaric slaughter house of a Mosque, particularly those in Britain. Britain and its "Foreign Office" Clown in Chief, appointed by a man devoid of any ability at judgement of character, is nothing more than a charnel house for the convenience of a corporate arms industry.

Stir up Kiev against Russia, lend them billions which then comes back as payment for arms. Same with IS/ISIS and their Saudi backers. Thus this act in defiance of "never say never". The words come across as if "better ISIS butchers on our streets than any of Assad's Shia tribal members. Both Kiev and IS/Saudi acts of support, as I posted just the other day, likely to prove unimaginably and pathetically stupid beyond belief.  

Hammond is a Privy Councillor. Ergo privy to the pompous, self important rubbish which passes for intelligence in our Government. How easy they make the savagery and barbaric, ghastly rule by fear and sadism, that's coming to a street near you. The only doubt as to when that black, piratical flag flies with impunity, alongside that grossly insulting, blue monstrosity, beloved of the EUSSR, is when.

Here is a post far superior to anything I can achieve,  via a pals link.


  1. What's that rustling sound? Is it Churchill turning in his grave?

  2. Just had another thought : The one good thing about ISIS is that it could just be the one thing that would force Russia and the US to act together. Between them they could wipe ISIS off the planet I'd have thought.

    Just as long as the Russians don't stand in front of the Americans, what could go wrong?