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Monday, 25 August 2014

Does The EUSSR Have A Future?

Probably Not.

Now that Ukraine is unlikely to be seduced any further into the EUSSR, certainly the Russian element of that Nation's demographic, France is broke and reliant on German handouts in exchange for subjugation, this time round economic rather than military and the whole eurozone is a basket case of stagflation, can this ridiculous ideal last much longer? I doubt it.

Camoron and the treacherous Mandarins in Whitehall, together with the communist dominated trade unions and their installed puppet, Milibad, can try and hope as they do to have a super state, it just won't happen. There are many reasons for suggesting this, as well as the economic mess drowning the Continent in a tsunami level of crooked, shameless banking gangsters.

One other factor is nibbling away at the ideals so beloved of those who would have power. Their very own efforts at multi-culturalism. As the nightmare in the Middle East unfolds, there will become an overriding desire, by those fomenting that "Caliphate", to impose it throughout Europe. I am certain they already have many thousands ensconced to kick off such a plan.

Whether there will be sufficient numbers of endemic European people to stave off such a bloody uprising is hard to tell. For sure the weight of numbers is no longer what it was and getting, every day, less a gap.

A further erosion of stability and related to the foregoing paragraph, is the sheer dumbing down of education, especially in The UK. Hence an ever growing need to fall back on better educated immigration personnel. All very convenient if the plan is to neuter National identity and harness the outcome to a nefarious world government obsession.

Nevertheless, even if we see these events unfold in The West and throughout Western Europe, I doubt the Chinese or Russian powers will roll over quite so readily. Such irony, as I have often remarked before!


  1. And let's not forget a couple of significant factors currently bubbling away :

    (1) France's PM has just resigned because Hollande wants to introduce more austerity measures

    (2) In a couple of months' time Qualified Majority Voting comes in which means we will no longer have a veto or be allowed to opt out of whatever laws the EU choses to impose upon us.

    Time to leave. Actually, we should have done it years ago...

  2. Dioclese, sooner we got out the less we would suffer when it implodes.However when did our Government ever do anything beneficial to a majority?