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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Did We Pay To Shoot Down MH17?

We May Well Have Done.

Richard North will be horrified at my associating his research with conspiracy. However how else can we interpret this largesse and who the main beneficieries are or will be.

Certainly the various arms manufacturers and dealers will be salivating. All those Ukrainian BUK missiles updated with newer weaponry from the West. Payment guaranteed via the busted EUSSR banks. If Vlad can be vilified as the supporter of those purported to have downed the B777 what's not to likec about a new cold or even hot war?

400 billiln euros would be small change when financing the third world war. One thing is for sure, we minions, from every nation on earth, will be collateral damage in the furtherance of Western Oligarch greed. I remind you of who they are. Politicians, bankers, corporate rapists and their gangster bankrollers. What does the odd B777 load matter in the greater scheme of things.

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