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Monday, 11 August 2014

Blind Man's Bluff.

An Encapsulation Of Western Political Weakness In 2014.

The blind player in the picture is the West's collective incompetents. The players the rest of the World. Some clamber out of the way of the stifling consequences of an unwelcome, dangerous embrace. One likely to clutch the "victims" in a grip of penurious, fearful insecurity. Lives suddenly blinded by the complexity of consumerism and corporate, crooked influence on once treasured freedom.

Add to this dance the macabre horrors being played out, unseen, or at least the unexpected, consequences of the flailing, blind but voluntary central player. In this game is also the freedom of the players to tease and tag the blindfolded, staggering, frustrated, flailing, handicapped incompetent, tired and failing central figure.

In amongst the game lie powerful figures, possibly unhappy with the inadequate, blind, once powerful player, brought low by the effort of trying to catch all and sundry, despite having spent so much energy and cost. Russia and China, for example, must be observing this flailing with some degree of "We told you so", mixed with "serves you right".

One factor, unreported but significant in this whole mess lies here. The Western clowns kicked off the mess in Ukraine and installed their own oligarch gangsters who now are part of the taunting tag team participants in the game.

The same applies to Libya now full of taunting but murderous participants. ISIS or whatever their title today, horrific and blood soaked, barbarous sub human teasers. In their version of the game first take weaponry from the blind player, then turn them on the blindfolded, naive and soon to perish fool.

There is Hamas also playing tag with their missile strikes, Israel not prepared to be blindfolded. As for Iraq. We withdrew from that arena after never being able to hand over the blindfold, despite hugging, briefly, all and sundry. 

So we watch as Islamists and others see our blindfolded leaders stumbling about, piling on more and more layers of blindfolds. Rules are changed every minute as the complexity of those tagging the West grow ever greater. 

When an observer, with immense influence as a possible referee, suggests stepping in as an arbiter, what does our blind idiot(s) do? Set up sanctions and claim they need little help, despite their inability to hug anybody and be rid of the blindfold. Indeed "they" decide to punish their own teams and accept sanctions on their own people by those unfairly targeted but understandably cross with the infantile stubbornness of a player(s) incapable of any maturity likely to solve so many issues. 

Most of those, taking the blindfold, slate RT as a Putin/Russia mouthpiece. Yeah and our Murdoch deals are purely altruistic. Just as with Islamic blindness ours remains dominant expansionist ambition. It's only the motives which are different. Power and money still remain the scarf employed to cover the reality of human nature.

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