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Thursday, 21 August 2014

An Endless August Of Horror.

The Western Leaders Have Ordered Violins.

Let's be frank, their contribution to the conflagration in Ukraine and The Middle East is so awful, playing a violin couldn't be much worse an activity or noise. The sound I would wish to hear is that of abject apology for their and their predecessors' incompetence. Add some diplomatic and realistic pronouncements and we might have noises to compete with tuneless playing of Nero like behaviour. Like joining forces with Iran, Syria and Russia in order to suppress the Saudi despots.

Of course we have to factor in this weird and back door entry of everybody just having to be on their hols in the same month. How pathetic a sheeple move is that. Not very bright, either. As for Camoron's dash for some PR kudos over the terrible murder by UK fostered, nurtured and produced monsters, bit late there, Dave. 

From the present Government back to the much maligned but very effective Baroness, all we have seen is breathtaking idiocy and incompetence. Most but not all that nightmare, Islamic hugging, mass immigration, multi-cultural, terrorist breeding programme at Labour's open door. We must, however beg the question, where was one minuscule concern from so called opposition parties? Not a peep.

Even now, as we face this horror, eclipsing that of Gunner Rigby's murder, flooding our streets, Camoron and our civil servant traitors and the rest of our pygmy brained ruling class keep immigration unchecked. As they do positive discrimination and the obsession with destroying the ethnic, white population.

Why has the PM popped over from his hols? What has he said that could stop the tidal wave of terrorism flooding through container ports and airport arrival halls? I met my Mum in Law at Brumistan a couple of weeks ago. Jostled, harassed and rudely treated by hordes of brown faces jabbering in who know what dialect. There was one very polite exception which stood out and proved the "rule".

How many of these people harbour the gory, future activists, some time soon? As our erstwhile buffoons, who would govern, are wringing their hands over hundreds of blood soaked psychopaths setting up home, once more, on our shores, they blithely ignore the battalions ushered in and promoted as special. Which clown amongst them coined the description "positive discrimination"? How can any discrimination be a positive?

With this litany of lunacy blinding all those considering themselves immune to the consequences facing our very near future in The West, the rest of us are obliged to witness the likely scenario. One scheduled to emulate the present grotesque nightmare in The Middle East and that stirred up by EUSSR expansionism and CIA backed civil strife in Ukraine.

Forget this strife being centered around Islam. It's nothing more than hateful racism and that engendered by good old fashioned jealousy and covetousness. The suggestion that those of a darker hue are more tolerant of the paler variety, is pure fantasy. Just ask when was the last time we read of a pale skinned murderer parading infantile but gruesome slaughter across the video network media?

One mitigating factor is that these same barbaric idiots, drunk on sadistic empowerment and lust, are as happy to cleave their way through their own lands and tribes to get at us. Decent leadership would, as I have been saying for years, have kept these migrant hordes at bay, protected our own lands, jobs, infrastructure and wealth.

Instead we have handed, on a sacrificial platter, the centuries it took us to realise that civilised society could exist without a global Government. Small remains beautiful. Easier to manage, defend and enjoy. Now long gone and overtaken by the evil side of human nature. Greed and jealousy, wrapped up, mostly, in Saracen garb and huge overpopulation. Tribes fighting viciously for scarce resources.

What's that old phrase/maxim? "As ye sow, so shall ye reap". Thank you political and Mandarin classes. Utter failures at all you touch. From banking crashes to headless corpses littering a once hopeful, richer, world.

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