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Friday, 15 August 2014

A Diplomatic Dream Scenario.

As If!

War used to be a last resort but now seems the first reaction to any crises. Now what if, already suggested in a recent post here, power was diluted in favour of common sense and peaceful diplomacy?

For example, in order to defeat ISIL and other terrorist ambition, global powers need to do some soul searching and unite. In particular the Western EUSSR expansionists and their meddling in Ukraine.

The West also need to learn a harsh lesson that humble pie is a preferable diet for than severed heads. To that end a rapprochement with Russia and President Putin is a matter of some urgency. This could enable progress towards a Federal solution in Ukraine. 

Then a joint approach to Assad in Syria, with a view to supporting his regime to quell the disparate, Saudi backed terrorists there. Then should follow the formation of a joint Arab force to sort out Iraq and Libya with a view to stabilising the whole area. Chinese support would not go amiss. Thereafter the Islamic obsession with the Nazi ideology for the genocide of Jews and The State of Israel might have a chance of being destroyed. 

Then and only then could a Palestinian State become a possibility. Let us be clear on this, it is Arab intransigence and Islamic futile belief in nought but Islamic power, globally, that pollutes our world today. The same stupidity held by western corporate desire for a global supremacy. Never going to happen. Nuclear holocaust would come first.

As for sanctions against Russia, we would do better to put pressure on the Saudis and their oil exports. This is a despotic dynasty which makes Saddam and Gadaffi, together with the Iranians, look exceptionally moderate. Centuries of tribal, internecine struggle needs a huge stick wielded with authority to sort out. A big ask but one which ought to be possible in the 21st century. A stick not wielded, as in Syria, by Saudi short termism. 

Naturally, if it really is all hopeless, we needs must fall back on protecting our own lands. Importing millions of aliens and sympathisers of the barbarians from which they pretend to flee, hardly seems a sensible thing to do. I suppose the stark reality is not a new dawn in the Middle East but a terrible sundown on the once hopeful growth of civilisation in the West.

At least Russia may survive as a beacon of at least one growing civilised, even Christian, State. After the fall of the "evil empire" that was the USSR that's rather ironic.

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