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Monday, 21 July 2014

Western Media Propaganda.

Never So Naked.

The first picture shows workers at the MH17 site, the second is from a Nepal crash site. Do you detect any less a care in the one versus the other? Is not temporary storage of victims in refrigerated trains a good idea? If the MH17 site is so restricted how come our vulture media is circling like carrion birds en masse?

Then we had vilification of a "triumphant" rebel" holding a child's stuffed monkey. A picture then used to spew forth venom from Western political figures. The real circumstances showed the video clip in which, having been urged by Western propagandist cameras and reporters to hold this sad toy aloft, was closed with him reverently placing it back on the ground and crossing himself. Not too Islamic, that little bit.

Then we learn off a rebel proposal to call a cease fire in order to get investigators in place. Kiev's response, launch an attack. Why? Are they afraid of the truth of this tragic event? It does seem a slow dawning realisation by bloggers and the normally dull, compliant, western, gullible public that Obummers' CIA ruled American corporate cabal is not so squeaky clean. Even the inestimable Richard North is offering his significant military knowledge to cast reasonable doubt on the hook, line and sinker, Western news aggressive misinformation and ignorant, faux Kay Burley style serious emotion.

Then Clare Short, a rabid but logical and reasoned anti-war politician speaks out, just as she did against Bliar's illegal regime change in Iraq. If you had just woken from a ten day coma you would believe, if watching only Sky, BBC or CNN, Putin actually manned and fired the missile responsible.

The language is sickening, the bias vomit like and multi-coloured. Putin should exert his influence. As if Kiev and The West are whiter than white despite their collusion in regime change in Kiev. Then we are told this "war zone" in Eastern Ukraine is ablaze with pitched battles. This even as their camera crews and breathless reporters swarm all over the railway station and crash site, like locusts.

Furthermore the fighting is probably Kiev inspired. I suggest they are out to suppress evidential examination which could prove, quite possibly, they shot down MH17. Just as possible, if not more so, than Vlad personally. Given the greater number of missile batteries the odds alone are on an accidental launch by the Kiev Army.

I have to say I'm appalled with the blatant sabre rattling and aggression aimed at Russia, without a shred of evidence. What are they, The West, hiding? Are our flawed and criminally connected, erstwhile representatives,  burying bad news elsewhere?

Whatever is going on in the perverted corridors of power, perversions possibly the subject of diversionary tactics, our media is nothing less than a poor and obvious mouthpiece. Of course RT Today has its own agenda but it still comes across more credible and fairer than our crowd. Let us say their fig leaves are more evident than any of our naked and exposed, biased and pathetic, ill informed, badly researched lot in The West.

As I post forensic experts are reported as examining the victims aboard the refrigerated trains. This very much at odds with the narrative of a war torn, inaccessibility orchestrated by Russia. They cannot be bothered at any pretence of factual accuracy. More interested with somewhat morbid displays of TV inspired grief and emotional tackiness used to sell advertising muck. Loathsome exploitation and political expediency.

RT now showing Russian news conference. Ignored by the Western media. They show another aircraft on radar near MH17 at the exact time of the crash. Also that BUK batteries of the Ukrainian Army were at bases well within range of the site. They are producing evidence far more credible than anything the Americans and their EUSSR pals have shown.

Additionally they demolish the purported missile transporter video produced by Kiev. With good evidence. Still nothing from Western Media. We now have serious evidence of an unidentified, probably military presence. Plus BUK system movements around the suspected launch areas by Ukrainian troops. It may well evolve that either Kiev accidentally launched a missile or their Air Force thought they were attacking a Russian Government Aircraft.

Finally, at odds with Camoron's and the West's posturing, an OSCE Official, Michael Bociurkiw, praises local efforts and the preservation by removal of the bodies. He says little help forthcoming from Kiev sources but good protection from the rebel representatives. So is not Russia doing a good job to process the investigation? Someone is. Why are Mr Bociurkiw's remarks ignored by the Western media?


  1. Personally I think it is probable that the rebels did actually fire that missile. The SA11 "Gadfly" is an old system introduced in the sixties.

    I spent many years maintaining weapons and found that you can teach the operation of most weapons in a matter of days if not hours.

    The protocol of when and what you fire the missile st, is another issue.

  2. FE I remain sceptical. Time will hopefully tell.