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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Pathetic Charade Continues.

Despite An American Assessment.

No wonder Putin is terrified of The EUSSR if it means having to meet this apparition. Add Rompuy to the meeting and who wouldn't piss themselves. Be it with fear or mirth.

Spouting the childish rhetoric expected of her cretinous masters than more sanctions need to be made against Russia, she seems deaf to any realty not supporting this babble. Just like the Boy back in Blighty.

"American intelligence officials on Tuesday said evidence suggested the rebels may have shot down the jet "by mistake", and that no direct link to Russia had been found." Do these people have cloth ears? Empty heads for sure. 

In truth Putin's failure to happily concede influence to the gangsters placed in power in Kiev, accept NATO missile batteries on Russia's border and write off billions owed Russia by Ukraine, has piqued the kiddies in Brussels. Rather similar to Cuba having USSR batteries on their soil and a threat to Uncle Sam.

So suddenly the MH17 tragedy is nudged aside and EUSSR/CIA expansionism the main reason for insulting Russia and Putin. Hardly a decent reason for a nuclear holocaust, is it? Still given the rotten core of EU politics, I guess anything goes. If this debacle hastens the break up of the EU, I will, with luck, rejoice.


  1. Mike Spilligan24 July 2014 at 17:59

    Sorry to be late on this, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your comments on this subject - including previous postings - and how much I hate the lamentably ignorant MSM, pushing out nothing but one-sided pieces, almost as if they repeated just what the FCO wants them to report.

  2. Thank you most sincerely, MS.

  3. Although (s)he's a complete waste of space and a useless, if not actuall dangerous, EU "minister", you can't help feeling sorry for such an ugly person. I heard (s)he's quite well-off, especially having taken the EU's shilling, so retaining that milk-curdling look cannot be due to a lack of funds. Perhaps all the plastic surgeons (s)he's approached have run away screaming?

  4. I often believe our appearance reflects our character as we age. Need I say more, EP?

  5. No, I concur - she's exhibiting the corrupt visage of a corrupted mind.

    I, on the other hand, have not decayed like her and have an aura of sweetness due to my upright and ethical life! (I wish this were true)