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Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Dog Ate My Homwork.

Well, I Think He Did.

Well, he does look as weird as Smith, Savile et al. However rumours have been rife for decades. Maybe the shock, horror might be assuaged if a long forgotten "beast" were  sacrificed.

One issue will remain. Mandleson, Brown, Robertson et al all have links to CIA pressure on Bliar to bring about the present danger those decisions have created. Who says private perversions don't matter?

One thing is certain. These perverts are riddled throughout society. Their abilitity to ruin children's lives supported by every single profession. None more prevalent than the political. Time they cleared out the septic tanks and child abuse gutters which are overflowing the corridors of power. It's not an historic matter but one even larger in today's world of global abuse.

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