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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Tesco Travel.

Peak Time Equals Peak Disruption.

Swissport is a grotesque excuse for a Company. Cheap, badly trained, surly incompetence the main qualifications sought of their employees. Non English speaking, immigrant cheap labour guarantee the job. Stanley knives standard issue.

As with cheap food so cheapish air travel. Notwithstanding the myth of cheap fares, available only if filling red eye, often empty positioning flights, can any real cheap fares be found. Even then a 24 hour fast, dehydration and a cramped seat, exacerbated by the great obese Brits invading your space, is still prevalent.

The airports themselves still dine out on the long gone exciting days and romance of flying. The reality is degrading security procedures carried out by people thoroughly trained in expressing irritated boredom. You know those sort. Those who consider their job would be perfect without the passengers, actually funding their lifestyles, getting in the way.

The crie de jour of baggage handling, in the news just now, is a typical example of an industry struggling to "pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap" approach to a mode of transport needing intense investment in safety and the very aircraft used. The billions of investment in infrastructure alone is unable to justify the cost of fares.

That fact, more than any other, creates the awful nightmare of modern airports. Little more than shopping malls. Places with sales techniques bordering on personal abuse. Together with the undeserved superior attitude of many airport staff, from check in to Air Traffic Controllers. The latter now little more than computer operatives of a system no longer coping as well as it could.

I loved my career in aviation but was always disappointed at the creeping loss of enthusiasm and the growth of indifference. Even on the flight deck and at the radar consoles of ATC. The latter was often staffed by chip on the shoulder antipathy to not making pilot. An organisation hell bent on suppressing aptitude and promoting computerisation at the expense of skill and competence.

The inevitability of the present day horror, in every airport worldwide, was always going to be more apparent in the UK. Land of procrastination, lack of flair and dull, boring accountancy. Much of it exported abroad. I bet most savvy passengers would name their worst experiences in the UK. London in particular. Their best in Singapore. Sad is it not?


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