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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Not In The Chatterati Remit, Just Now.

The BBC's future has been a big issue behind the scenes. The collective "nonces" from the Corporation, the Civil Service Mandarins and their pals in Westminster need new "initiatives". Something to appear to be sorting out the mess that is the endemic bind weed of pederasty and abuse in those establishment Temples to privilege and smug self gratification.

So a leak pointing the direction they are moving is to be welcomed. First of all will be the announcement the BBC is to be farmed out as a subscription service. This will mean the licence fee will be scrapped. So good riddance you might say.

Well a new licence fee for any type of broadcast receiver will be introduced. Initially well below the present fee but a tax, just like road fund licence. So no excuse that you don't watch TV will be available. Nor will this new tax be kept low for long. Why would it?

Next down the road, advertising and a business media outlet will be created, swollen with Government cash and fattened for selling off. Directors, senior staff and politicians will all be able to buy shares or receive them, if they keep stumm until the right moment for announcement.

We must bear in mind the Government is running out of stuff to flog off so need to create vehicles to push off onto the track to  help all kinds of moguls get ever more wealthy. A new mega gravy train. 

Now these "discussions" still need fleshing out and the timing honed, to minimise any outcry. Yet this preceding stuff is the foundation for the near future. One thing you can be certain of, Rupe and his Sky Empire will be on the inside as consultants and potential buyers. Scoop or what! BT will also help push up any bidding to name but two. For the Establishment what's not to like!

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