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Monday, 28 July 2014

More Doubt, More Failing.

Libya Falling Apart. As Is The MH17 Narrative.

I wonder how much this is going to cost us all? Thanks Dave and your helping the CIA and aircraft manufacturers create yet another bloody selling opportunity. Is there anything left for the Western excuse for government to screw up?

No doubt we stirred the chaos in Syria not expecting to be thwarted by a more sensible British outcry. Iraq, now an Al Qaeda stronghold, Afghanistan soon to be once more in Taliban hands and Ukraine fighting to be the cause of world war three. Likely the very last, at that. What really remains for the future that our cretinous, puerile and pathetic Western cabals can make dreadful out of benign.

As for our crowd's attitude to Russia and Putin. Is this pique from Obummer after his weak and pathetic character was sussed by Vlad? This gem isn't getting airtime but surely it's worth a mention. Or is it to divert the watching public from the mess elsewhere? What a dreadful, avoidable mess.

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