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Saturday, 19 July 2014

MH17 Part 2.

Some Intelligence.

You think this is real? This video is hardly credible. A civilian trailer carrying sensitive hardware, uncovered and with one or two missiles conveniently seen as missing. The camera peers, like some pervert, from the bushes just as the "money shot" happens to climax. 

Then the diatribe, again unsubstantiated, that "rebels" are impeding site observers. Looters, not impossible from this third world, poverty stricken battleground, are reported as raiding the site and stealing from corpses. Then we get shots of volunteers combing the countryside helping to locate debris and bodies.

Next the "Ukrainian" authorities are reported as transferring bodies to a local mortuary whilst the "baddies" are shipping them and other wreckage to Moscow. All so contradictory, alleged and unproven.

As for "a missile known to be launched from "rebel" (read despisers of Western interference) areas. That video might easily be Ukrainian equipment scuttling out of an area chosen to suggest rebel" action and part of this constant attack on all things not Western.

If I'm wrong I still maintain the West's and Obummer's stance against Russia is a despicable diversion from their own failed meddling, worldwide. Why we are supposed to embrace another cold war, or worse still hot one, is beyond me. 

Our lot heavily orchestrated the Kiev based regime change, with no thought for the millions leaning towards Russia. Just as we wrecked Iraq and then stoked up the Middle East. Whatever the intricacies,  the West's immoral and criminally funded activities give them little standing for being seen as credible. 

Even the propaganda is pathetic. I hope it is proven the weakness it is and this nastiness ceases. I'm not holding my breath. If proven it was the Ukrainians, it'll then be passed off as a terrible mistake caused by separatist desire not to be part of a Western coerced federation. One already guilty of destroying Greece. We will probably never know.

Here is a more knowledgeable article.  Fair comment.


  1. All because of EU expansionist policy..

  2. An EUSSR worse than that of the old Soviet Union, Juliet.