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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Is The Net Closing In?

I Do Hope So.

A renowned fixer of perversion.

For "possible" read for sure. The Establishment is rotten to the core. Insider trading, cash for questions, wild parties and more "bunga, bunga" than any semblance of decency and governance. We are beginning to see the incompetent and gross lack of any semblance of government has been subverted to debauchery and theft.

The "that's the way things are" excuse has been able to cover virtually all transgressions and a mere collective shrug of the shoulders. That plus the emulation of this behaviour by an ignorant, uneducated product of socialist failure. Particularly the childish antics of the trailer trash, infecting places such as Magaluf. 

However one last bastion of horror still causes a powerful anger and repulsion. Paedophile abuse of children. That we are told the goings on are buried in the past and Westminster is a sanctuary of total decency is a puerile joke. I suggest the Civil Service echelons, already with people charged, who are current foot soldiers for this despicable army, for army it is, of perverts, is rife with current such ghastly people.

I suspect the knives will be out for historic politicos, as it is for ageing or deceased celebrities. Once publicity whiffs a scandal the might of the cover up specialists will combine to limit any fall out or consequences to incumbent practitioners. I pray the internet will not allow this to happen. As for the oily Vaz, I would be careful, in his shoes, for what he might wish for. 

Indeed any of the Westminster crowd who think they are squeaky clean. Bear in mind the Rolf Harris circle of friends and sycophants. Or Savile's many accomplices at every level of Establishment smug superiority and hitherto perceived untouchability.

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