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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

House Of Cards.

No Player, Camoron.

He's no card dealer. If that was a decent shuffle II'm a Chinaman. With only one ace, his Education man, left out of the deal, what hope remains for a decent return to an education system that can provide hope and aspiration for kids?

Heir to Bliar, indeed. All spin, little substance. Full of charm, empty of resolve. If we need to see his, therefore our status, look no further than his puerile EUSSR credentials. Desperate to be an EU player but needing to pull the wool over his electorate's eyes, he is becoming a laughing stock.

No doubt a very nice fellow but no leader. He just looks good against Milibad. Not difficult that. 

As for The coup by Heywood, to wrestle the Civil Service power to himself, no doubt that will aid the cover up for his paedophile friends and collegues. I wonder what's being kept from us all, as ever. Not pleasant, for sure.

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