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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Global Melt Down.

Arab Versus Jew.

Firstly an apology for no longer posting daily. Personal circumstances are hampering the time available. I will try to maintain frequency as much as I can.

I note our propaganda media is tiring of knocking Putin and Russia.Little wonder when we are seeing more and more the West's consequences of importing many millions of Islamists into Europe. These consequences are a powerful legion of Trojan horses ready to move into action to cement the grip of Islamist control from within Western weak and useless Governments. Governments so bent on their own ambition for a corporate global power at the expense of civilisation, national identity and decency.

Russia is one Nation with a strong leader prepared to stand up against the onslaught of genocidal immigrant numbers elsewhere. It might well be a reasonable supposition that the anti Russian stance is heavily connected to the same attitudes fomented against Israel and Judaism.

Our propagandist news this weekend are running stories of anti-Semitic violence in Britain and France. No doubt soon in Germany, of all places. Now this comes across as a deliberate ploy to cover up the real driving force for demonstrations, riots and violence.

Islamic dominance, protected by positive discrimination and favoured status is of immense proportions. In the same way Israel is outnumbered by its Arab neighbours, so we in The West are suppressed by a compliant and treacherous ruling class permitting our future enslavement for purposes hard to fathom.

Make no mistake, this abnormal hatred for the Jewish people and The Nation of Israel is equally as strong against our own Christian faith and our dwindling national identities. It seems we are too far down this abhorrent road to have much optimism. 

The very best we can hope for is that the civil wars, soon to consume Europeans versus mass immigrant colonisation, will happen before we are totally outnumbered and rendered even more helpless. Ironic that Israel and Russia may one day be our saviours!

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  1. Yes, it's very strange how so many Western governments of tradional Christian countries are so pro-Islam to the detriment of all of us.
    I used to think it was just about oil, but that's obviously not the only imperative.
    Maybe it's due to socialism's hatred of Christianity?