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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Feminism Break Through.


Harriet Dromey hailed today's published breakthrough for political correctness and the desired obsession with totally changing human kind. It is now likely that genetic engineering, coupled with clinically proven and damaging penis envy, a new future beckons. 

A totally androgynous world where women, so utterly devoid of any empathy with hitherto sexual desire and passion, will enjoy the ability to allow their needs to be met by their continued self absorption morphed into a physical gratification, without any male involvement. Furthermore this future will slowly but inevitably see the loss of the male species for ever.

Says Mrs Harperson, this is so exciting. No more glass ceilings, no more Oedipus complexes and a world where only anything feminine can survive. When questioned on the physical strength required to move mountains she replied "what else are elephants for?".

Will this testosterone devoid new order cope with those women desperate to nurture and rear children, be compromised? Will a world no longer requiring romance, flirtation and sexual frisson be a duller place? Will male genital function be a thing of the past?

On the latter point Mrs Dromey replied, "My hubby has little understanding as to that useage other than when appended to another fellow. So no loss their, is there?" She went on to extol the scientific applications to genetic manipulation as something long overdue.  Her only regret would be no more male bashing tribunals to pursue. That and the total annihilation of whipping boys. Especially those of a white skin persuasion.

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  1. Ah, but the followers of the "religion of peace" will soon only breed males. Then it will be fun to watch as the legions of Harm-man's wimmin are seduced/abducted/captured by these primitives.