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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Which Is The Hero, Which The Traitor.

What's Obama On ?

Snowden tells the World The US Government stinks.  Naturally,  to the power hungry that's unacceptable.  However deals with our soon to be new best friends, the Taliban, just tickety boo. The big mystery is, many years ago and billions poured into arms dealer hands, fixers and drug barons, could have been saved. We could have bought off The Taliban without the likes of Bowe deserting to become a bargaining chip.

It rather seems tdhat the cutlery of choice for the powerful are very short spoons. Even if solid gold, the host remains one happy to devour the human race. The measure of our leaders' worth is their willingness to forego those gold trinkets. 

Just as that pinnacle of truth, honesty and self sacrifice, Saint Tony teaches us, underhand nastiness and narcissism trumps all morality. Obummer, another clone of Blair. Don't expect much in the way of truth any time soon. Interesting how much Obummer refers to himself as Commander in Chief. Vain sod.

Scant satisfaction we told you so.

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