Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Unbridled, Unaccountable Stupidity.

Yet It Reigns Supreme.

Still the penny never drops. As GPs dump expensive and inconvenient patients, we continue to hold the barn doors wide open to all and sundry. Legal and illegal, jihadists and trailer trash. There are no limits. Especially if you are returning, decapitating excrement. 

There seems a determined obsessive passion to pour millions and millions into our tiny shores. Is it some kind of experiment? Are we being set up to be guinea pigs as to the breaking point of a socially engineered destruction? One used in aircraft design to determine when a wing is stressed to breaking point.

It was some years ago we became a dumping ground. Thank you Labour, you will probably get back into power, despite the awfulness of your nastiness. Not least because of the collusion of The Establishment. In the meantime, it is no place for old people. Soon it will be hell for all. Welcome to the EUSSR.

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